Debotosh Purkayastha - Finance Manager

Debotosh has been Finance Manager at Impulse NGO Network for 8 years, and is instrumental in optimising our finances. (click here to read more)
A G Kharbhih

A.G. Kharbhih (Bahrit) - Co-Founder

Bahrit Kharbhih is a Co-Founder and Director on the Board of Impulse NGO Network. He is also its Finance Board Director. (click here to read more)
Rosanna Lyngdoh

Rosanna Lyngdoh - Board Member

A key member of Impulse since its early days, Rosanna started as a volunteer, and went on to become one of our Board Members. (click here to read more)

Hasina Kharbhih - Our Founder

Our Founder and Chairperson is one of the leading figures in the fight against human trafficking in India and South East Asia. (click here to read more)