Debotosh Purkayastha Finance Director

Debotosh Purkayastha Finance Manager

Debotosh has been Finance Manager at Impulse NGO Network for 8 years, and is instrumental in optimising our finances. (click here to read more)
A.G. Kharbhih Founding Board Director

A.G. Kharbhih Founding Board Director

Bahrit Kharbhih is a Co-Founder and Director on the Board of Impulse NGO Network. He is also its Finance Board Director. (click here to read more)
Rosanna Lyndoh Founding Board Director

Rosanna Lyngdoh Founding Board Director

A key member of Impulse since its early days, She started as a volunteer, and went on to become one of our Board Members. (click here to read more)
Hasina Kharbhih Founder

Hasina Kharbhih Founder and Chairperson

Founder and Chairperson is one of the leading figures in the fight against human trafficking in India and South East Asia.(click here to read more)