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One-Year Cross-Border Human Trafficking Journalism Fellowship

Impulse NGO Network is launching a one-year fellowship for ambitious early-career journalists from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar to build digital journalism skills and conduct sensitive reports on cross-border human trafficking in the region.

Impulse NGO Network will award four fellowships to one journalist from each country, who will be trained in digital reporting, with a specific focus on cross-border human trafficking. Fellows will participate in a two-day orientation and training workshop lead by experienced journalists and technical experts from each of the four countries, to build awareness and sensitisation to the issues of human trafficking and challenges of conducting in-depth, ethical and impactful reports.

Throughout the One-Year Fellowship, journalists will be mentored by experienced journalists and receive guidance and training from experts in areas of gender, psychology and law. Fellows will be exposed to cross country reporting, inter-related issues of human trafficking which include unsafe migration, an understanding of the economic situation of states/provinces, districts, townships and villages affected by cross-border human trafficking.

Fellows will receive a generous scholarship, and all travel, food, and accommodation will be covered under the fellowship.


Fellowships will be awarded to early-career journalists with skills in digital media from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar who are interested in reporting on cross-border human trafficking in the region, and:

  • Have 2-3 years of journalism or reporting experience
  • Are skilled in a range of media (print, digital, audio and video)
  • Are ideally already working with new media platforms or news organisations.
  • Freelance journalists must be able to demonstrate links with media houses and previously published work.
  • Must be able and willing to work in a partner country outside of their own for at least one month of the fellowship
  • Must have strong social media presence or be willing to actively engage in social media as part of the fellowship

Journalists who are survivors of human trafficking, women and from marginalised castes are encouraged to apply.

Application Process

Selection Process

A panel of journalists from the Core Committee in each country will review Fellowship applications in July 2018. Selected candidates will be chosen for the high-quality of their application, their incisive reporting skills and experience, and their ability to work in a wide range of media with a focus on digital skills.


Through the fellowship, journalists are expected to:

  • Work in a partner country outside theirs for one month of the Fellowship
  • Publish 5 – 7 stories focusing on trends behind cross-border human trafficking; government responses to human trafficking; and success stories
  • Work closely with mentors and experts to increase reporting skills and knowledge of human trafficking and regional issues
  • Actively engage in social media outreach and promote stories via digital platforms
  • Add to the pool of well-informed and well-connected journalists committed to fighting cross-border human trafficking
  • Become part of Impulse NGO Network’s Press network, to influence a wider network of professional colleagues, civil society, lawmakers etc., adding to the cycle of change.
  • Application and Selection Process: June 2018 – August 2018
  • 2-day Orientation and Training workshop will be held in August 2018
  • 11 months reporting

2018 Fellowship Applications are now closed. Final Lists of Selected Fellows will be announced in the 1st week of September, 2018.

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