Pol. Col. Rallyan Mone (Retd.) | HOPE Foundation

Pol. Col. Rallyan Mone (Retd.) was in the army for 15 years, and in the Police Department for 25 years, including in the Department Against Transnational Crime, Home Affairs, in Myanmar. He is a specialist on matters of Internal and Transnational Human Trafficking and Smuggling, as well as on money laundering.

Rallyan MoneHe retired in 2012, but continues to work actively against Trafficking in Persons, and is involved in various projects, including UNIAP (The United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking). He also worked as an Advisor for JICA, Myanmar Anti Trafficking Project, Head of Operations Division.

He has developed a handbook for the Police, on Investigation and Procedures against trafficking of children, along with a Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement. Currently, he runs his own organisation called HOPE Foundation.

He is an Adviser to Impulse NGO Network on the Impulse Model in Myanmar, and a Trainer on the Myanmar legal framework.

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Rallyan Mone